Laser Inscription

Personalised Laser Diamond Inscription is a stand alone service where you can inscribe up to 15 characters on the girdle of the diamond. Inscription may include a combination of letters, numbers and/or symbols.

Personalised Laser Inscriptions are accompanied by a Laser Inscription Certificate showing the inscription.

Engagement date, wedding date, names or messages of special importance are all possible as options for personalised laser inscription.

"I love you forever" takes on a whole new meaning when it is laser etched on the side of a diamond.

Recently the laboratory purchased a new laser engraver which now gives us the ability to inscribe diamonds which are still in rings or earrings.

As long as we can see a portion of the girdle of the diamond (the outside edge) a laser inscription should be possible. Obviously if the diamond's edge is fully encased in metal laser inscription is not possible without removal of the diamond from the setting.