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ADGL offers the following Diamond Grading Services:

STANDARD SERVICE : A full size diamond grading report which includes testing of the diamond to internationally recognized standards, fully plotted, laser inscribed and signed by grader.

PREMIUM SERVICE : A full size diamond grading report, the same as the standard service, with the addition of a photograph of the diamond and a photograph of the girdle showing the microscopic laser inscription.

BASIC SERVICE : A full size diamond grading report with the same information as in the Premium and Standard services but there is no plotting diagram. This service is available for lower clarity diamonds I1 or lower.

DIAMOND DOCUMENT : A half size diamond grading report with the same details as the larger certificates but without the plotting diagram or the pictures. This service is available for smaller stones (less than 0.50ct) or stones less than one carat but with a clarity of I1 or lower.

THREE STONE REPORT : A single report containing details of three diamonds whch will be set into the same piece of jewellery. Useful for using stones which would normally be difficult to sell because they are either at the bottom ot the top of the weight range, but together add up to a saleable total diamond weight. For example two 0.23ct and a 0.54ct as a 1.00 total diamond weight piece. Given enough stones to work with, ADGL's equipment is able to match stones by angles and dimensions so once the colour and clarity are determined the rest is easy.

PAIRS REPORT : Using the same matching technology as with the Three Stone Report above, pairs of diamonds are " Certified Matching" on this report.